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+++++++++ Location of plant Kulth in Calaxis++++++++++++++++++++

For 83 years War has raged on the imperial planet Kulth. The surface, now designated as a warzone by the Imperial Guard, has been evacuated of civilians as the forces of the Emperor of Man methodically remove the Ork infestation.

That is until the rise of the great warboss Gutnob Wazgor was spawned…

We take up the story as Gutnob stands naked in front of a line of Orks drenched in blood holding a large face eater squiggly beast in each hand.

“And that why I am da boss!!!” Shouts Gutnob “ ‘cos I am da toughest Ork ’ere OK!! Now Naff off while I get ready for the big booze up to welcome yer ter the klan!’

Spongeholda a small green gretchin, carrying what appears to be a pile of stonewashed denim, follow’s behind Gutnob as he stomps back to his hut “Boss, Boss ’ere your trousies boss” he says to Gutnob, before turning to the line of orcs and shouting “the boss wants you lot in the pub in an hour…and bring some teef!”

The newcomers turn around and look each other up and down to see who is the biggest between them…….

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